Recently, at the Game Developer's Conference 2007(GDC), one of the several conferences and expos that have gained importance since E3 went down, down, in a later round, a new PS3 game was spotlighted, giving the PS3 some good pub for a change. And they certainly need it, since, seemingly, everything that proceeds from their mouth turns to lead.

The game in question is LittleBigPlanet
The presentation was duly Dugg, and this is where it gets really interesting. There is no shortage of PS3 fanits on digg and the rest of the Internet, and they like to make fun of the Wii and 360 for various reasons. The funny thing is, none of these are good reasons. Most aren't even valid, like they're being pulled from some bizarro universe. They make fun of Xbots for having to pay for their online. Except that it's about five bucks a month, and, from all accounts, better than the PS3 online, at least right now. And that's pretty much all they've got, except for declaring anyone who calls them on their BS points about the 360 fanboys. They make fun of the Wii for its comparitavely low power, lack of HD, 'gimmicky' controller, kiddy image, and claim all the games are glorified tech demos. Before launch, they claimed only fanboys would buy the Wii. Almost five months and over four million in sales-Nintendo literally can't keep them on the shelves-later, they're claiming that people will be tired of it in a year, after the games dry up. Apparently, the bizarro-universe includes a bizarro-Earth where developers see systems that are cheap and easy to develop for selling like hotcakes covered in crack and decide not to make games for them.

LBP looks, from the videos, like a "Line Rider meets Garry's Mod meets Super Mario Bros. meets an orgasm", according to Kotaku. I'm inclined to agree. It's basically a physics-based co-op platformer, with cute little characters, happy little music, and, biggest of all, user-made levels.

According to the Sony fanboys, it's all about the physics and the pretty.

It's amazing. They roast Nintendo for being 'kiddy' and their 'tech demos', yet when something like this comes out, those complaints are nowhere to be found. It's also something that can only be done on the PS3. Despite the game being something that could be done on the 360, easily, except Sony bought the developer. That's right, they just pulled a Microsoft, buying the team outright like Microsoft bought Bungie, the makers of Halo.

Heck, check out the Joystiq post for yourself. Watch the tasty callouts. And the fanits almost nowhere to be found.

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