Microsoft ruined Office 2007.

I've thought often about how MS's improvements in IE 6 and 7 were spurred by Firefox nipping at their heels. Now, get this: they done gone and made Office usable.


My first indication came when they used one of those trendy Flash videos. They're trendy because almost everyone has Flash, but not everyone wants to spend twenty minutes downloading and installing a player just to watch some guy light his farts. In short, they're just plain better.

Then I realized that the interface had all these rounded corners and gradients and stuff.

"Holy smokes," I said, "Microsoft has gone Web 2.0."

Watching the videos, I found that they had made everything, apparently, easy to find, unless you're one of those people who bleats "I'm not computer literate" everytime your son points out that he showed you how to perform this common task five years ago.

Sweet Christmas, they even have tabs.

Google better keep up.


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