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Sony Defense Force ASSEMBLE! / Wii60 FTW

This is the SDF. They are a poorly-designed webpage desperately trying to support their position that the PS3 is worth at least 500 bucks of real money. Before taxes. Sadly, most of their 'justification' centers around graphics. And this would've worked in the days before Nintendo cut their legs out from under them with the Wii controller. Now people are focusing on gameplay again, and Sony's dropping a brick. Their stock is dropping, while Nintendo's is rising.

And the best these guys can do is a bunch of lame macros. For example: what is this graph of? Where did it come from? And, yes, the 360 isn't selling in Japan. So what? Isn't the EyeToy itself, a ripoff of a webcam? And, this may come as a shock, but most people don't care about HD.

Some poor, deluded fool posts on the forums about how the PS3 could end Sony. It's admittedly overdramatic, but the fanboys swarm all over him.

Originally Posted by Broomcloset12View PostIt's the sad, hard truth. Look. Nobody but EXTREMELY hardcore gamers are gonna buy the PS3.
*shakeshead* yet the Ps3 sold out worldwide,and the hype is amazing
What hype? Most Sony hype has been negative. And the first PS3 preorder sold out due to limited supply. And what does hype have to do with it, anyway?

Even then, they won't be buying games that often. They just cost too much.
Um,no games cost 60 dollars,thats not that much considering most people buy less than 6 games a year.
Which has what to do with the price of tea in China?

There aren't gonna be enough consoles at launch.

There are never enough consoles at launch

Sony will rush to make more, but intrest will have sank thanks to Wii.
Um,no the wii has proven itself to be kiddie,weak,and for japanese kids
Note the complete lack of evidence as to how a console that hasn't been released can "prove itself" to be kiddy.

So they'll make a bunch of consoles at an extreme loss, and sell very few of them.
Extreme loss? sell a few of them?
Note that neither of them have any actual evidence to support their points.

Yes when Final Fantasy and the vey few other PS3 games even worth renting come along there'll be sales, but in the long run Sony will end up making a bunch of conosles, sell less than 10% of them, and end up in a giant hole.

Again, no sources. Personally, I don't think Sony is going to sell more than half of it's consoles in the next year.

And eventually the PS3 will just die a painful death, thanks to useless hardware and a pointless Blu-Ray drive (HD-DVD has already won the format war)

HD-DVD...win..format war.... LMFAO
Listen you litte fuckface,the HD-DVD hasnt won shit,its actually lost support,while Blu-ray is gaining support over 90% of Hollywood supports Blu-ray,Dell,Apple and HP support Blu-ray,Sun and LG support Blu-ray,Disney supports Blu-ray
Finally, a valid point.

and the fact that only about 10% of PS3s will be able to use the system's full potential, it's just gonna be a hard downward spiral ending with Sony going dead, thanks to low selling TVs and other electronics. Expect all big Playstation franchises to be on XBox/Wii by 2008.

The 360 is selling worse the xbox and in Japan(the only wii haven) the Ps3 outwieghs it in polls and pre-order numbers

Funny, I could've sworn the first US Wii preorders sold out, just like the first PS3 preorders.

wii60 two v. one? gawd shut up Japanese Amazon sold out its stock of Ps3s in less than 10 seconds the Ps3 pwns the wii in pre-orders in Japan,STFU,

btw Wii60 is a joke,how can it be about graphics or gameplay at the same time?
Oh. Wow. Mind you, this is the guy who just said that Japan was the "only Wii haven", and in his next post he's using it to back up the PS3. And watch him ignore his earlier wrong point completely!

Heck, I'm not even sure the site is real.(NSFW)

I'm not saying the Wii60 guys aren't the same, if not worse. I mean, look at their lame macros. But they're not as annoying. But this is a pretty big OH SNAP moment. Or is it?

More news as this develops.

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Microsoft ruined Office 2007.

I've thought often about how MS's improvements in IE 6 and 7 were spurred by Firefox nipping at their heels. Now, get this: they done gone and made Office usable.


My first indication came when they used one of those trendy Flash videos. They're trendy because almost everyone has Flash, but not everyone wants to spend twenty minutes downloading and installing a player just to watch some guy light his farts. In short, they're just plain better.

Then I realized that the interface had all these rounded corners and gradients and stuff.

"Holy smokes," I said, "Microsoft has gone Web 2.0."

Watching the videos, I found that they had made everything, apparently, easy to find, unless you're one of those people who bleats "I'm not computer literate" everytime your son points out that he showed you how to perform this common task five years ago.

Sweet Christmas, they even have tabs.

Google better keep up.