Will y'all ignorant fanboys PLEASE shut the heck up?

Nintendo recently announced the pricing of their hotly anticipated upcoming console, the Wii. It's going to be $250, launched November 19th, and comes with one "Wiimote" and Wii Sports. The Wiimote would cost $40, the 'nunchaku' $20, and the games for the NES, SNES, and N64 the equivalent of 5, 8, and 10 dollars, respectively.

The fanboys were pissed.

This should've been seen coming. After all, Joystiq's prediction post was filled with comments to the effect that the commenters largely expected the Wii to come with two controllers, one classic controller, a bundled game, a free Virtual Console download, and a blowjob. And they could do without the blowjob. When it was revealed that the console was launching with a loadout determined by, y'know, earth logic, their fury knew no bounds.

40. I'm a bit disappointed by this news. Price at the upper end of everybody's speculation and a later release date than what Nintendo previously indicated.

At $5-10 per VC game, sorry, I will just stick with an emulator. These are games that I've already purchased (some of them, more than once) and these games would be almost pure profit for Nintendo anyway. I'm not paying 10%-20% of the price of a brand new game for a game that, while fun, is utterly obsolete.

I hope it does come with an extra controller, since they are pushing this "casual gamer, fun for the family" angle. I also hope it comes with the analog stick attachment also, as it seems it will be virtually mandatory if you want to play any but some of the most basic games.

If it comes with those extras, it's a good value. If not, meh.

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The sad thing? That's one of the calmer comments. "Hey, I can't get the goods I want for the prices I want. I'll just download them, which is totally not the same as stealing!"

The thing about pirates is that they're entitlement whores. As long as something isn't exactly the way they want it, they'll steal it, no matter how negligible the difference is. If Nintendo was pricing games at a buck each, tops, they'd complain that Nintendo didn't offer any way to bundle purchase several games. If Nintendo implemented that feature, they'd complain that the ridiculously obscure games they wanted weren't available. If Nintendo managed to add every single game for each system on the Virtual Console, they'd complain that there wasn't any way to play their old carts on the Wii. If Nintendo released some sort or attachment, they'd claim that Nintendo makes to many peripherals, that they weren't re-releasing their old games, that the dongle cost more than the VC games, and so on. Any rationalization, just so they don't have to pay. The only way they would play VC games would be if Nintendo paid them, at which point they'd want to be unionized. You can't win against a pirate.

I'm not sure where the idea that the Wii is all about multiplayer came from. I could've sworn it was largely about making games A)more accesible, and B)more innovative, with multiplayer a distant third. In fact, al lot of the Wii-based(that is, developed largely or entirely for) launch games use only the Wiimote. Even the bundled game, Wii Sports, the bundled game, only uses the Nunchaku for Wii Boxing. Super Monkey Ball? Nope. Tony Hawk? Uh-uh. Exite Truck? No.

And OMG it's launching two days after the PS3! Nintendo is doomed! Never mind the fact that it launches a week before Black Monday, the start of the post-Thanksgiving shopping period! Never mind that there's a clear month before Christmas! Doomed, I say, doomed!

Here's what I don't get: one of the most common complaints is that it's now "close" to the Tard Pack 360. The one that doesn't let you download demos, games, or Live Arcade games because it doesn't have a hard drive. Since most of the games are $60, that means that they're willing to spend $160 bucks more than expected because the Wii is $50 more than expected Earth Logic what. It's also the same fifty bucks up from the actual price to the Tard pack as it was from the projected price to the actual.

It's also nice to know that the difference between "next-gen" and "repackaged Gamecube" is about fifty bucks. Achtung: we don't have the specs on the processor! The last one we had was close to twice the power of the Gamecube, and developers have stated that it's 2-3 times more powerful. Also, didn't the PS2 and XBox launch at $300?

And we have a good old-fashioned blog pissing contest. And Tycho drinks a lot of water.

Pundit out.


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