A pirate's snark for me.

It's just borrowing.
Not if the original 'owner' still has their copy, and you have one too, no.
I'm not gonna pay that much money for X!
Then you don't get it. End of story. If you don't meet the owners' terms, you don't get the product. It's called "capitalism". Which part of this is confusing you?
You can't spend a photocopy of a $20 bill.
Imagine it's a photocopy so accurate that it's effectively identical to the original bill, to the point that treasury officials poring over it with a loupe would not be able to tell the difference.

That's what piracy is. Original analogy fail.
It's not hurting anybody!
It's hurting the people who get paid off of the work you keep stealing. And before you say that "corporations" don't pay them much anyway, I would like to point out that "not much" is still better than nothing. I would also like to ask why you seem to keep referring to "corporations". Do you know what corporations are made of? People.

DVD sales have risen since piracy became widespread.
DVD sales have risen since they were introduced, back in the early 90s, before piracy was widespead. In fact, they just levelled off in 2005. OH SNAP.

Imagine a mountain so steep as to be nearly vertical. A mining company creates an explosion that cuts the angle in half. Question; is the slope still going up?

Post hoc, ergo propter hoc.

Also; if he knows you went to lunch already, he's going to assume you've already eaten. But, nope, assumptions are a tool of the patriarchy. As well as 'logic'.


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