Hooray Status Quo.

I work in an electronics store. Every few days, someone asks me if we have the PS3(no.) and when it'll be coming out(Nov. 19th). When I point out that it starts at a hundred bucks more than the 360 in the States, they tend to just smirk and go "Oh well, I know Sony makes good products." I asked one of these gentlemen why he thought it would be so much better than the 360. He said that it "Had more power." I pointed out that the games looked about the same. He reiterated his earlier point about power.

Basically: they're buying it because, dude, it's Sony. End of story. No supporting arguments or facts needed. Sony. Stop arguing. It's Sony.

The funny thing is, Sony seems to be doing their best to shoot themselves in the foot. From executives who seem to be living in Bizarro world, to games that have been seen as nothing more than a trailer at 2005's E3, fanboys are ducking and weaving to avoid the truth like they're playing tag: the PS3 doesn't look much better than the 360. In fact, some appear to have no sense of humour or logic at all.

Not that I'm saying that there aren't other fanboys, oh no. Nintendo's fanboys are equal in number, but much more rabid. Both take any bad news from any blogs or news site as evidence of a bias. Remember that scene in the Jurassic Park book where Ian Malcolm points out that the Gaussian distribution of dinosaurs shouldn't be there? Most of the time, there's more bad or good news for one console than another. That's not "bias", it's reality. Can't have that.

One of the editiors of Official Playstation Magazine made a post on why he's getting a PS3 at launch. There was an immediate fanboy crapstorm. Achtung: pointing out flaws in something =/= bashing!


Cry babies...

Posted at Sat, 23 Sep 2006 14:25:19 EDT
Thats what alot of people are being right now. All they do is look at the bad sections of a launch.

$600 is alot. But is it so much that people have to cry about it? Yet they don't mind spending over $1000 for a computer they will have to upgrade in like 2 days just to play the newest games?
Wow. They have to resort to comparing it to PCs. A grand is average for a high-end gaming rig. A half-grand is a lot for a gaming machine.

And I would just like to point out something: the $500 PS3 is still comparable to the Premium XBox 360. Except it costs a hundred bucks more, and doesn't come with a memory card reader, or integrated wireless. And those aren't upgradable features.

Your getting a deal with a PS3. Who knows what it will be able to do in 5 years?
1. Oh, I dunno, PLAY GAMES?
2. Wasn't this the same guy who was complaining about having to upgrade PCs five seconds ago?

With unlimited ideas going through peoples head, so much can be added.

Just look at the PSP, its changed alot since its release a year ago and that just the begining. If you don't want to spend that much on something that will evolve into so much more, then either wait or just don't get one. Don't sit here and cry about the price because your mommy can't fork over the cash.

Whe have seen wonderful machines from Sony. And the PS3 is the greatest so far. So many beautiful things inside the shiny black box. It'll out do any of these other consoles, of course they all have there strong points. But in the long run, in 5 years the PS3 will be twice the machine it is today. Think about it.
The last paragraph was so creepy that it made me imagine some fanboy somewhere gently thrusting himself upon the PS3, over and over.

Sony fanboys always try to sound smart. And they tend to fail completely. On of their favorite points is to claim that anyone with a "real job: can afford the PS3, while those who complain about the price lives in their Mom's basement. Aside from the autolose, they tend to ignore the people who point out that they have jobs and still won't buy it. One dude on Joystiq said he had a six-figure salary, and they diverted it into a discussion of the price of living, leaving the original topic entirely. Bra-vo.

The fanboys I encounter in reality are grown men, but they sound exactly the same. They don't know enough about the system to know when it's launching, but apparently knowing it's Sony is more than enough to make a decision.

These are the same fanboys, mind you, who dismiss the Wii as a "last-gen system with a gimmick controller", then turn around and laud the tilt sensor in the PS3 controller as being able to steal games from Wii make the Wii less unique. These are the same fanboys who claim that the controller isn't a ripoff because it uses "technology that's been around for years". Funny, that's exactly why you said the Wii wasn't innovative, that it was "gimmicky".


point of the article

Posted at Sat, 23 Sep 2006 14:52:17 EDT
was to tell people to stop the ps3 bashing. all of you 360 owners are now afraid that they should have bought hardware that came out at the right time and had better technology inside of it. you are all scared that you will be left in the dust and be forced to buy another console. Come november 17th, next-gen finally happens.
Funny, isn't that Sony's company line? Almost word for word, in fact.


I'd just like to remind everybody....

People have been saying there going PS3 because it's "future-proof", but no-one on the planet at this time knows how HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray will turn out, not a single person can tell you for sure what will become the next standard for watching Movies on. And would microsoft really not be using a bigger format if they thought it was needed? I think MS have had enough experience through there years to know when a increase in size is really needed.
I'm not sure why Sony thought they needed a gaming console with more power than most high-end PCs have, myself. Consoles don't need as much power as PCs, because they can devote more power to games.

You can recognize a Sony fanboy, because he uses "XBots" and "Wiitards", and sincerely believes the Wii will not sell out this holiday season, because it's Nintendo, and therefore "kiddy", and the PS3 will, because it's Sony, therefore awesome. Also, the XBox 360 shouldn't be bought because it's not worth $600.

I want to know where all the XBox 360 fanboys are. The system has turned out to be a solid one, but there is almost no one rabidly defending it on forums, describing all of it's detractors as "PlaySuckers".


A lot of good points.

Posted at Sat, 23 Sep 2006 21:35:52 EDT

The price debate really makes no sense to me either. I can only see a $200 price difference being a big deal for a 15 year old with no job. I can't exactly whip $200 bucks out whenever I want but I could easily budget or save for it. If you really don't want a PS3 then I can see how $200 more could easily persuade someone.
Saving $200 bucks more for the future vs. a comparable experience on another system right now. Got it.

If $100 more for the lower end PS3 is really an issue then that really depends on the person and not the general public. From my experience the general public wastes a lot of money on useless shit they don't need.
Who needs a game console with a hi-def DVD player, exactly?

Honestly there are millions of playstation 2 fans out there and you really can't judge who is willing to spend the money for by forum posts on 1up. We represent a really small population of the gamers out there.
Because "representative samples" don't exist. And millions of people who bought the weakest console last-gen can't be wrong. By that logic, the Wii will trounce both Sony and Microsoft.

People keep trashing Sony about the Blu-player issue but Sony will always be a business looking for profit and market share. From a business stand point it's a fantastic way to give Blu-Ray a push. It's like sending the trojan horse out. You can stick up for whatever company you want but even Nintendo and Microsoft are in this business for money. Trust me, Nintendo isn't families first, profit second.
So Sony bundling a needless DVD player with their system is thinking about the children. Also, profits aren't the same as money.

Sony is a business. They're in it to make money. The only problem is, the PSX through PS3 have been straight losses. That's a decade of losing billions on their best-selling consoles. Microsoft just got here five years back, and they actually expect to start turning a profit next year.

What is really odd and sick about this is that these debates have become so political. Videogames! Stinkin Videogames!! I thought these things were suppose to be fun...
This is the guy who, five paragraphs back, was pointing out that you need an HDTV for both the 360 and PS3. What was that about "fun"?

The other day, some guy came in asking for Madden 07. We didn't have it, and I asked him why he wanted it. He said something about Superstar mode, and how it would let you "create a player", trailing off. Create-A-Player has been standard in sports games for half a decade.

Basically; dude, it's Madden. Got it.

Some things never change.
Edit: This is interesting.


That was totally awesome, you showed every thing thats wrong with the modern sony fanboy.....
But in the long run, in 5 years the PS3 will be twice the machine it is today.

In 5 years, I imagine most sold this year will be in a landfill or pawn shops ;->

The computer I'm typing on came out of a dumpster(really!). I look forward to getting a free PS3 from the same place someday ;->

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