OCP: February 2006

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yet another Law and Order series dept.

Conviction starts on March 3rd, and is a "midseason replacement". It fits the main requirement for an L&O show; all of the female leads are pretty. The show 's main character is SVU's Alex Cabot, and that means that it exists in a huge plot hole, namely Alex's status as a DA. At the end of her run on SVU, she went into witness protection. Call me crazy, but a DA would have to stay in WP for years to be safe. The premiere will allegedly explain this. This series is notable for being the first in L&O continuity without "Law and Order" in the title.

here's an old one


A few weeks ago, a spoof-sort of-of Sugar, We're Going Down by Fall Out Boy was posted on Google Video. Today, I find a similar video from someone else entirely. I believe this is what Ghost in the Shell described as a "Stand-Alone Complex"; loosely interpreted as the parallelization of human thought due to the ubiquity of media. Or, to use the story's description, "copies with no original". The same concept was mentioned in one of Michael Crichton's Jurrasic novels by Ian Malcolm, who states that he's worried the Internet will destroy mankind.