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Caina wrote an essay on fandom hypocrisy. Fandom_wank picked up on it. The esay in question is currently down because of all the mean meanies making fun of her.

I’m sure many people are
wondering “how is Jo responsible for the anti-Harmony sentiment on the
Internet?” There are several ways, and I’ll list them here.

1. Rowling granted an interview with two fans, both of whom are known to be anti-H/Hr.

2. Rowling made an inflammatory remark on her own website.

3. Rowling used her own book to ridicule H/Hr.

4. Rowling has ignored the situation in her fandom, thereby exacerbating the already sore situation.
Um,the interview was getting involved, in a way. And how many authours check out their own fandom? Who would believe it was them? Once William Shatner went into a Star Trek chatroom and identified himself. He was flamed for an hour. No one believed it was him.
I want to preface this essay with a simple statement of fact: JK Rowling, as an author with fans of different ships (which she was well aware of during the writing of HBP, if not as far back as GoF), has an obligation to be professional when dealing with fans. Professional means a certain amount of neutrality and fairness.
And by fairness, C* means "BRING BAK H/HR."

The H/Hr ship is not a tiny minority, as Anelli claims in her interview with Rowling. She did say that we’re very vocal. That, I agree with, we are vocal, but no more so than R/Hr or H/G sites.
How, then, am I mad?

Next, they said that we shouldn’t question Rowling’s work, that instead of being angry that our ship was sunk, we should stick to fanon. This means that we should praise Rowling, never question her abilities, and enjoy the H/Hr ship through fan fiction, on our own websites, and forums, and we should do it in peace, and leave them alone to enjoy HP the way they want.
Why, yes! Perhaps you've got i-

Yet, when we try to enjoy our ship on our own websites and forums, and when we write our fan fiction, what do they do? They prove themselves to be hypocritical by coming onto our websites and forums and then creating places like the STFU (shut the fuck up) to ridicule our fandom. They like to claim “we’ll take canon, you take fanon”. Instead of leaving us alone to enjoy our ship, and to enjoy HP the way we want, they continue attacking us.

We’re supposed to quietly disappear. We’re supposed to sit back and remain silent and not be offended while they take the only thing we Harmonians have left and ridicule it.
So, you were living for a ship that is now technically slash in a children's book?!? Wow. What kind of childhood did you have?

The comment on her site about wanting Emerson to know that she wasn’t some angry H/Hr shipper in a dark alley was an irresponsible and unnecessary comment. She has sunk other ships without such disdain, why all the hate for H/Hr? Why did she feel the need to use H/Hr shippers in that “joke”? Words have an effect on people, and she needs to be aware that what she says can help or hurt some people.
Um, you've all but openly threatened us, and her.

. I certainly wasn’t an angry shipper before HBP was released.
No, you were.

She was so desperate that we didn’t have anything but a few tossed bones (with the little bit of flirting in the Great Hall) to point to H/Hr as loving one another that she decimated the H/Hr friendship. She was so desperate to prove Ginny is perfect that she reduced Hermione to a whiny and pathetic brat. To hell with telling a good story. Let me do everything I can to ‘prove’ Harry and Hermione are only platonic friends. What I don’t get is why she couldn’t continue to write their friendship the same as she had from the first five books, while still writing H/G, R/Hr.
No, she decided "screw it; if they haven't been hit by the ten-pounders I've dropped, I'm throwing the book at them."

She then ignores the situation that’s happening, even though I’m convinced she’s aware of it (and no amount of protestations that she has no idea what’s happening will convince me), choosing instead to focus on some non-issue like eBay fraud.
You dropped your tinhat.

So, of course these ‘people’ at STFU feel they’re justified in not only telling us to stick to fanon, but they feel completely justified in ridiculing our fanon efforts because the one they look up to has repeatedly and maliciously slammed us.
She bobbed and weaved for half the interview to avoid calling you nuts, and finally did so under protest. How is that malicious?

They claim they won, but did they really? I mean, think about it? What did they win? A book long hissy fit between R/Hr,
Dwarfed, of course, by the three month fit you guys have thrown.

Hermione flirting with Harry,
Hermione dating McLaggen,
to make Ron jealous.
Ron with his lips glued to Lavender most of the book,
To make Hermione jealous
Ginny kissing Dean,
Becuase Harry didn't seem interested
Ginny kissing Harry once passionately, one peck, Harry reflecting a little on a day spent by the lake with Ginny, in which NO detail is given, Harry bitter at Snape for eating into his time with Ginny, which was never even shown.


I mean, they got paired up in chapter 24 for God’s sake, and then he dumps her at a funeral. Talk about cliché.
Dumping your girlfriend to save her life isn't exactly cliche.

My fellow Harmony shippers, I suggest that the best way for us to deal with the STFU, is to ignore them.
This is the first time I have ever spittook onto my screen, ever. Congrats.

I like C*'s "the fandom is the center of JKR's attention" theory, ignoring such things as the movies, the red tape, the marketing, and, oh yeah, writing the books.

Extended sporking here.

Caina's egotism makes my head spin.


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