OCP: August 2005

You sunk my ship!

Over the past month and a half, the Harry Potter shippers have been having a war. It all started when, in an interview(spoiler warning), JKR officially stated that there would be no relationship between Harry and Hermione, ever.

The self-proclaimed "Harmonians" immediately go nuts. Some even took it upon themselves to rewrite Half-Blood Prince. Yes, all of it. Some are frickin scary. It's this last one I'll be taking a look at. Contains spoilers.

First of all, I would like to give a thanks to all the people who have taken the times to post comments on my blog. Much appreciation goes out to the people trying to have a real conversation with my side of the aisle. Most unfortunate, however, a few people have been making very rediculous alagories about my good ally snowy and people who share our point of view. According to MissTrish, the popularity of our broadbase movement makes us alike to Nazis!
My guess? She misinterpreted a perfectly valid analogy. Let's look at the comment.
There were a lot of Nazis during WW2, Snowy, does that make them right and the rest of the world wrong?
I'm guessing she'll invoke Godwin's law and throw a hissy fit at being compared to Nazis while ignoring the point the commenter was making.
Well, no, MissTrish, it doesn't. But what does Hitler have to do with anything - besides the fact that he bears striking characteristics to Voldemort?
See? SEE?
I guess some people just can't retain from making proof of Godwin's Law, and must bring up Nazi's at every point when they're logical deficiencies become way too obvious for all. Your only success, MissTrish, was to make me prove Godwin's Law, too, by comparing Hitler and You-Know-Who! Sorry, but I don't feel like engaging in that kind of rubbish bin talking anymore.

In other news, the "What We Believe In" petition is going strong, even though it is too soft on JRK and does not call for a proper ban of book 7 or readership striking action. I believe all True Fans must take the time to sacrifice a minute of their day and just sit down and sign this petition. Here is what I wrote when I signed this monumental document:
She sounds like rebellion leader. I now have a terrifying image of a rabid Harmonian standing on top of a pile of gasoline-soaked HBPs, holding her torch in her right hand, using her left to incite her fellow shippers to rise up, rise up and overthrow the oppression of JK Rowling!

Moving on:
This is one of the travesties of all time. One of the most unstoppable love stories ever put into print has now been put into the trash compactor and squished, and all the True Fans will not stand for this desecration of author/reader trusting. How could someone set up this kind of ageless, timely love epic and then within a few pages tear it up so fully?
Several thousand pages, spanning six books, isn't exactly a "few", dearie. Also,
If you are a True Fan of Harry Potter
Where did the Caps come from?
and what the series stands for - ie a community of fans living and breathing and enjoying the story that has been developing all along - then you will sign this petition and have things fixed again for all to notice. A narrow grouping of insideous R/H shippers
Narrow? Thousands of people is "narrow"?
has taken over the online society of fans and now we need to take it back, it is the ONLY way to save this stoy from the hurricane of tradgedy that has overtaken it and taken it to a place where proper story arcs are disregarded in favorite of rediculous love twists and fancible flights of fiction.
Open denial, folks. You may not like it, lady, but what the authour writes is canon.

JKR's new name for all to know is now JRK because that is more in tune with her cavalry disregard for her fans - add an 'E' into those initials and you will understand what points I am communicating for all. Just because some R/H shippers were able to hijack an interview with JRK does not mean their point of views are truth, and just because they have been able to hand it up with the author does not make their believes correct. The mannors displayed in this interview are truly disgusting and all True Fans deserve an apology from these ideologically obsessed and elitist web site owners. Visit my website for a site for True Fans. Long live this and all H/H petitions.
This sounds an awful lot like a speech by Hitler, even though I speak no German. They even want to supress others right to free speech as long as it contests their views.
We need more H/H fans, the true believers who are not afraid to be yelled at on the internet by the sheep who follow JRK at any cost, to get engaged. Harry and Hermione's love was cut short after only a few sweet, short books.
Excuse me: have you seen Goblet?

Now, let's check out the comments. First up: the obligatory one by the person who agrees with the blogger's badly-made points;
Hermione Granger-Potter
hey guys.....maybe we should take pumpkinhead more seriously. Someone told me that he/she went to princeton! :-o

Pumpkinhead, you must be really smart!!!!!!!1 What did you get on your SATs? Haha I bet I beat you though...I got a 1790. (OK, so it might be out of 2400 now, but i still got a higher score than you lol!!!)

Guys, if the person from Princeton is saying that Harry and Hermione really do love each other, don't you think we should probably believe it? :-)
If a Harvard graduate said we needed to go to war because of alleged WMDs which we don't even know exist, should we go to war?

I mean, I have to say, I totally fell for the trap of R/Hr and H/G, but pumpkinhead raises a pretty good point. It really was obvious it was going to be Harry/Hermione all along.
Yes, because that whole "Krum" thing was just o underline Hermione's relationship with Harry. Of course.

Pumpkinhead, did you actually go to Princeton? If you did, can you write me a recommendation leeter? I am going to be applying there this year, and I think a letter from an alumni of your stature could really help. ;-)


Hermione Granger-Potter
See, if they had really gone to Princeton, they probably wouldn't be waving it around.

I totally agree with the whole "Godwin's thing;" people on the internet just can't resist bringing up Nazis when there is any sort of a debate. Traditionally, that causes the side that brought up Nazis to automatically lose the war, because they have to sink to such depths!
  1. "War"?
  2. "One common objection to the invocation of Godwin's law is that sometimes using Hitler or the Nazis is a perfectly apt way of making a point. For instance, if one is debating the relative merits of a particular leader, and someone says something like, "He's a good leader, look at the way he's improved the economy", one could reply, "Just because he improved the economy doesn't make him a good leader. Even Hitler improved the economy." Some would view this as a perfectly acceptable comparison. One uses Hitler as a well-known example of an extreme case that requires no explanation to prove that a generalization is not universally true." Wikipedia on Godwin's Law

I can't believe that anyone would support Ginny; she began by being snivelling and whining, going after someone merely because he was a hero when she didn't even know him, and allowing herself to be possessed by Voldemort. Then she turns into some "perfect" person to become the "perfect" girl for Harry. How lame! She is a Mary Sue and just really annoying...
Mary Sue? How? She's pretty, good at hexes, has fast refles, and is a good Quidditch player. How does that make her a Sue, especially when Hermione is JKR's publicly-admitted Sue?

What's even scarier than this are the other entries. Like this one. Or this one.This girl is almost as bad as Laurion: Acting like the definitions she uses are true, even when they're exactly what's under debate. It's sickening.

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