JARKtrovery '05

For those of you dead, there has been a large amount of controversy over at deviantART. Scott Jarkoff, AKA Jark, was fired from the dA staff. Jarkoff is one of the two founders of dA, and since the other one left a while ago, the community at large went "OMGWTFBBQ".

Metaphorically speaking.

At least one artist on my devWATCH has already quit dA. There are threats of riots in the forums. Seriously, several are threatening to boycott dA until the administration changes stuff or reinstates Jark. Most prominent are claims that dA has become a corporation. Which is strange, because it's always been a corporation. Since day one. Pardon me for kicking your legs out from under you.

As is always popular, the public seems to have jumped to a conclusion without any sort of backup. There has been no official word from the admins, and Jark himself has only posted this journal entry, which seems calculated to enflame the masses. In fact, it doesn't really say anything at all. I especially like how he mirrors the entry at his blog, impliedly because the Ebil Nazi Staff would probably delete it.

However, we do have a nice new deviantSkin, which makes me go yay

I'll have a sardonic animated GIF on the whole thing as soon as I can boot up my crappy desktop and start ImageReady.

Tue 03/08/05

Oh, hello! What's this!

Jark has made a second post [mirror], and a third [mirror], and a fourth [mirror] on his journal. According to the last one, he can't explain exactly what happened for legal resons, which is, oddly enough, the same reason Spyed gave for the firing.

In essence, two guys founded a company. One resigned. The other stayed on as part of the board. He was just fired. NOw he's turned into the Green Goblin* and has sworn revenge.[ Oh come on; did none of you see Spider-Man?] Instead of putting on a costume and using purloined technology, he put on a sad face and is being passive-agressive. For some reason, the fanpoodles are surprised. This happens all the time in the real world, but not on their precious Internet.

It's also mildly amusing to see him complaining about not being an afmin, when he's still perma-subscribed. All of the privileges, none of the responsibility. We're not even sure what the firing was about, and it can't be revealed, for legal purposes. Something's rotten in the state of Denmark.

10:30 PM

Read this response to my animated GIF. Yes, she actually used the ol' "only say something nice cause of freedom of speech" passive aggressive trick. Which is the most transparent P/A attack ever.

*Technically, yellow.


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