Paranoia Agent

I have watched the first few episodes of Paranioa Agent on [Adult Swim]. The reason I didn't say anything is because I needed a little for viewing to confiirm my suspicions: Paranoia Agent Commitee employed such powerful drugs in the making of this series as to make the team that developed Katamari Damacy look like Hare Krishnas.

And I say this not without some consideration. I suspected it from the opening sequence; several people staring directly at the camera and laughing for some strange reason while backgrounds flash behind them. In one case, the laughing man—no, not the one from SAC—was flying slowly through the sky, his tie whipping about him. In another, a man stands on a tower while a mushroom cloud blossoms behind him. In another, a bag lady stands on a table in what appears to be a hotel's dining room. In another, and old man in a tuxedo stands laughing on the moon.

Yes, I said the moon.

Designer Tsukiko Sagi is attacked by a young man on golden skates, wearing a baseball cap, with a bent golden baseball hat. PA is the story of how he affects the lives of various people. The second episode deals with a young man suspected of being this Little Slugger: Yuuichi "Ichi" Taira. The third deals with Ichi's tutor, Harumi Chono, who is a schizophrenic. Her other personality, "Maria" is a prostitute. The fourth episode deals with a crooked cop, Masami Hirukama, one of Maria's clients. The fifth airs at Midnight, Saturday night.

The series is frighteningly surreal. From the opening sequnce all the way to its close, Paranioa Agent strives to keep the viewer off balance. And it does so, very well. I reccomend this series to anyone who like drama.

In episode 3, Harumi's cellphone is white, while Maria's is black. After Maria is apparently destroyed, we only see the white phone. Harumi is doing something stereotypicallly romantic, boating with her fiance, when a call for Maria comes through on the white phone, uncomfortably blending the two lives. Up until that point, Maria's life didn't actively intrude in Harumi's, but from this point on, Harumi's life begins to fall apart.


Just so you know, the opening sequence refers to every character feeling surrounded by tragedy, destruction, and dispair. The reason that they are laughing is becuase each character denies what is happening in their surroundings(as is proven in the show). If you paid attention to the opening, you would notice that the old lady is NOT in a bad place. This is becuase she is not surrounded by that kind of enviornment in her life, which is why she is not attacked by Lil' Slugger. I have yet to see the episode explaining the old man, but if you remember, the wise man who spoke to Lil' Slugger in his video game world was the old man. So he does play an important role.

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