G4, E3, et al.

If you've been watching G4 lately, you know that Kevin Rose was let out of his contract, and left to start a new webshow1. He has been replaced by XPlay's own Adam Sessler.
Thank God.
I'm serious. We easily could've been landed with another G4 meatpuppet (Jade Raymond who?) instead of getting someone who we already knows has pretty good chemistry with Adam2. We don't know how much Adam knows about tech in general, though.
Speaking of knowledge, I think the broadsided skewering of Kevin by the fans of TTV is unjustified. He knows almost about as much about tech as Kevin R. did: the man set up a telenet BBS for fun. For FUN.


The X360: It's like they reached into the XBox, took hold of it's design, it's controller, and XBox Live, and pulled all the suck out.

Revolution: Wait: Reverse compatable? Entire NES through N64 library? Thenk goodness Nintendo is using it's old properties for something more than GBA games and Mario Party minigames. Hopefully Nintendo's learned from PS2 Online and XBL's mistakes.

PS3: The Killzone video may be faked, but that's exactly what was said about MGS2. And MGS1, come to think. I really hope Sony pulls an XBox before the launch. Design-wise, I mean.
  1. If you were paying attention during his last show on Friday, he got pie'd at the end of the credits.

  2. It's pretty evident in the E3 coverage.


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