OCP: April 2005

1804 I butter my toast differently.

Oh for Pete's sake.

0805 New York, New York...

50 most hated New Yorkers. I'm surprised they were able to stop at 50.

Number 46 is Lorne Michaels, creator of SNL. The cap reads that "SNL was never funny". And you know what?

They're right.

I have been watching SNL for a year and a half now. I cannot recall when I laughed at any of the sketches. I can see how they were ironic, but not funny. The funniest part of the show is Weekend Update, and that's just a warmed-over version of Conan O'Brien's monologue.

Come to think of it, I can recall one occasion when I laughed; During the Best of Chris Walken, afterm Jimmmy Fallon left, and before they restarted. Specifically, it was during his spoof of 'the Continental'. He was effectively the only actor in the piece, and he carries it along. yes, a repacke show was funny when there was only the actor. I think SNL's problem is that it throws funny people together and expects them to be funny, somehow, regardless of their strengths. Darell Hammond's standup was based on, insofar as I can tell, talking about his divorce, among other things. He was basically a combination of Lewis Black and Ron White, except younger, and with far more fashion sense than the former. *cough* His impressions on SNL are spot-on, but they're not what he does. Kenan works best as a foil for a a more hysterical character-think of the chemistry between Shaun and Marlon Wayans on Wayans Bros. Right now he's Blackie McBlackGuy.

I will admit, the show has launched the careers of Funny People, but is not, in itself, funny. It's held as funny because of those People. Sort of like Garfield over the last fifteen years.

There's a debate on Gaia Online about Affirmative Action. Not much of a debate, really. People yelling the same arguements over and over again, and oppents to AA easily defeating them. Let me reiterate.

Racism is still going on in America!
Yes, it is.
Affirmative action is a good way to solve it!
No, it isn't. It is discrimination against whites.
But the whites have so much!
And what does that have to do with it?
[ignores]But whites are more often in honours programs! Teachers must be discriminating against them!
There could be any number of reasons, not necessarily racism.
[ignores]But they need to atone for the wrong they've done for our race!
By letting wrongs be comitted against themselves? Yes, good idea. Lets commit the same sin we accuse them of.
[ignores]But minorites aren't in management positions!
If they're not competent, why should they be?
[ignores]But [insert ancedote of apparent racism in educational system here].
Why do you insist that teachers give varying treatment to students solely because of their race?

For example, one of the AA supporters related a story about a girl who missed several classes because of treatment for her rape, and asked her teacher for the missed work. The next day, the teacher gave a lecture about students leaving their problems at home, while "looking straight at her". Apparently, the white girls who cut just to smoke were ignored.

The problem with the ancedote, is that it assumes that the lecture was not addresses to the white girls as well. It's possible that the teacher didn't know of the rape, and thought that she was simply cutting like everyone else. Perhaps she's prejudiced against rape victims, being of the old school who thinks that they've always "earned it" somehow, or "asked" for it. There are several reasons, all of which are mor elikely than rape.

Not to mention that one teacher is not a statistically valid example. But like all people with poor arguements, it's the only one she's got.

Two wrongs don't make a right. In fact, algebraically, W+W=2W. However, W+R=0. Let's exammine the Wrong in question.

f'(x) is equivalent to f'(y), as f'() is a fucntion, such as 2+x. The two equations are not equal [the results do not have the same values, and different variables are used.], but are essentially the same. The arguement of the AA supporters relies on the two equations not actually being equal. The arguement of everyone else point out that f'() is the same in both equations. f'(X)=discrimination(blacks) . f'(y)=discrimination(whites) . Discrimination is unfair, and therefore wrong by definition. This defeats their arguement, so the AAS ignores it. Constantly. No matter how many tmes it's been bought up.

Basically, they've got nothing. Sheesh.

0604 blaa blaa blaa blaa blaa blaa

Some guy talks about Gorillaz, compares to 'Archies', has hilarious incident involving principal, dating two girls at the same time, and his allowance.

Oh, and in case you've been living under a digital rock for two days, new video.

We don't know who the real voices of the Gorillaz are, but research indicates that they may be robots. Again, this is only speculation. We'll have more on the story as it developes.

{t3h Gorillaz}

0204 The Whip Set

G4's The Whip Set is a cheap, pale imitation of MTV's 'Pimp My Ride'. Advantages of PmR: An actual rapper? Check. Host who is not a tool? Check. Celebrity endorsements which are actually sincere? Check. An adience which doesn't think the producing company is a group of soulless corprate hellspawn? Check. So, what advantage does Whip have? That's right: Hos.