2303 Sahara

I have, of course, seen the trailers for Sahara, the film based on the best selling book by Clive Cussler. The only problem is that I didn't realize that was what it was until I saw a copy of the book recently, but from what I've seen, all the wisecracking, sex, and action have come through intact.

In case you've been, oh, dead since 1976, it's been hard to miss Clive Cussler. His works have sold millions, and are nearly as ubiquitous in airport newsstands as Grisham, Steele, and King. Despite the books being fairly formulaic, they are still quite good. Put Dirk Pitt and James Bond in a ring, and my money's on Pitt, given that he is not a prissy Brit in a tux or impeccable buisiness suit who'll sleep with any woman who'll hold still. Pitt is a Senator's son, a self made man who is not afraid to get his hands dirty, which explains his weathered look.At least, it supposed to be weathered. On Matthew McConaghey it looks like he fell in an orange dye vat. Steve Zahn does nt look like a powerful looking Italian dude. Frick, he's from Minnesota. At least he and Matt have the banter down, apparently.

Incidentally, Cussler has been working on getting a movie out for probably more than my entire lifetime. Cussler info.


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