210305 [sarcasm]

Wow. I mean, wow. I just found this list of men women and robots who are just bad, and I have to say I like the originaity of the prem-waaaaiiiiittt...

And the bottom drops out.
I have rediscovered pro-ana.Needless to say, it has parodies. I particularly like the following quote.

This community is in support of those with eating disorders.

We do NOT support the idea of prolonging an eating disorder.
We do NOT support the idea of creating an eating disorder.
We do NOT support the idea of "giving" oneself an eating disorder.
We do NOT support the idea of an eating disorder as a lifestyle choice.
We do NOT support the idea of glorifying an eating disorder.

This community is for those who are currently suffering from an eating disorder, but are not yet ready to recover. We exist on the basis of support. We will not teach you how to aquire an ED, nor will we tell you how to hide one. We are not in support of you prolonging your illness.
I could've sworn that supporting those who aren't ready to recover was supporting the eating disorder. Especially when there's stuff like this floating around the blog. And this is rather disturbing. Yes, she is apoligizing for gaining four pounds.

What I find interesting is that she is holding herself beholden to her invisible readers. The journal may be a crutch for her.
[/amateur psychoanalysis]

I would ask that both of my reades exercise a little maturity when visiting the above sites.

A pitiful tale of woe from a twice widowed woman? A right-wing nut marching into his enemy's house and brandishing a metaphorical pair of six shooters? Incredibly callous n00b laughing at the worst incident of school-related violence since Columbine? Never fear, it's the Troll Corps! Trolling forums here there and everywhere? Coming soon to a bbS near you!


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