OCP: December 2004

20 12 04

Security hole found in google desktop. Ironically, found through Google.

Bill O'Reilly obsessed with sex. Public shocked, just shocked.

Bush man of the year. Democrats stagger slightly to the left and go 'wha?'

14 Dec 2004

I'll form an opinion on this later.

I'm not sure, but I think the fact this article's authour is from Boston has something to do with it.

500-pound industry Gorilla say what?

Microsoft releses blog service. It sucks. Geek public not surprised.
(Registration req'd. Use BugMeNot.)

Another Microsoft product modded. Microsoft confused as to their official stance.
Another comedian does family movie. Maddox inscenced.

Mobile phone used to cheat at gambling. Croupier noticed red dot.

Ghost cane sold on eBay. Yes, eBay.

iPod mini fan ad wildly popular. Apple rubs hands together, cackles.

Appparently, they won't even let you pray next to a celebrity you've been stalking now. The Philistines!

PayPal, iTunes team up. Joker, Lex Luthor say "Curses!" [Popup warning]

Schools reject Internet Explorer. Explorer considers suicide, murder.

Compassion isn't completely dead, but some compassionate are.

Talk about working uphill.

I Feeeeel Myself.

Those Frenchies skate clockwise.

M grows up, public shocked at idea of rap having social conscience.s Pundits desperately try to enforce the sterotypes they've been endorsing.

Peterson screwed.

Microsoft launches desktop Google rival. Google laughs. Hard.


Google plans to but University Collections online. Students decry increasing lack of excuses.

December 3rd, 2004.

Ironiclly enough, Microsoft is Suing Spammers.

The irony lies in the fact that most spam is generated due to inadequate security in MicrosoftWare which should've been fixed long ago. For example, Firefox is fast gaining on IE* in popularity. This should not be a problem, period.

Shaun's back.

Microsoft upgrades MSN. Public goes "Who?"

I find it interesting that Microsoft, the company that owns Bungie, explects it's users to have blogs. Most Web users haven't the foggiest clue of what a blog is. And of those who do, most don't actually have them.

Most searched word of the year is blog. You've no doubt heard this on so many sites that a link would be redundant. An intresting effect of this is that 2004 has been declared the year of the blog y more websites than I care to count, including the BBC news. Yes, BBC. You heard me.

Wait, 50K a year? Mobile!?!? I need to be syndicated. Possibly picked up by slate or something. For all you know, I could be a 17 year old kid updating on a crappy line from the College of the Bahamas wireless network. Or I could be a thirthysomething businessman living in New York with my best frinds sister whom I am married to with an unspecific white-collar job and a lot of free time to spend with my friends in a coffee shop. Or I'm a writer from Queens. Or not actually a sitcom character. *cough*

Brokaw leaves, all hail Brokaw. Of course the finale causes a ratings bang. It's a finale. Especially when it involves one of the world's most respected newsmen.

And, finally, Holy Crap.

G'night, all.

*I wrote that sentence, then found the link later, ironically.