So Bush won.

Apparently, 51% of america has made a terrible, terrible mistake.

I am a proponent of proportionate electoral votes. That means that the percentage of each state's votes each canadate won is equal to the number of electoral votes they win. I believe that, were this system applied to the electoins, that Kerry would've won.

Most states use the electoral votes system, which is ultimately less fair. There are considerations, but ultimately, Bush won by about 3% of the popular vote. I'm going to stop whining now.

There was an article in the Washington Post about online music. Specifically, about how MSN Radio is imitating some local stations. Frankly, I believe the article writer missed the fact that most of the people who use online radio don't listen to local. Also, MSN Music and Launch already have their systems keyed to play music their audience likes, and expose them to new stuff which they'll also-probably-like. That's certainly been my experience with both services.

However, the issue of lost advertiser revenue is a valid one.


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