Let's talk about Mosh.

Eminem's latest video has, predictably, been the center of much controversy. Some of the web press has degraded it as 'sophmoric', while others deemed it "political art". Perhaps the most startling reaction belongs to longtime MM feuder Moby, who calls it "amazing". Personally, I thought this quote [see the political art link above] was rather interesting:
On a simple and emotive level...Mosh spends much of its time using massed and hooded "mosh mobs" moving through rainy urban streets to convey a kind of "Fight Club meets Election 2004" vibe. The animations look similar to the video games Grand Theft Auto and State of Emergency....anarchic, anti-authoritarian, juvenile fantasies written as over-the-top games where violence actually becomes a funny and meaningless digital language, the equivalent of bumper cars.

Ouch. Clearly the writer has never played any of those games. My first reaction, upon seeing clips on CNN, was one of joy that Macromedia Flash was finally being used in a music video. A few hours later, the sociopolitical aspirations of the rapper really hit me.

Actually, I just thought "Oh, look...more Bush-bashing."

On an aesthetic level, the video is nicely done. Most of the TV Flash work is either done like Mucha Lucha or (gulp) Shorties watching Shorties. And "This Land" is ineligible. No. But the grayscale works oddly well, and the contrast between M's realistic figure and the animated versions of himself is quite appealing. And the sheer scale of the thing is quite innovative.

I did, however, question Mathers' motives. Not in the video, at releasing it so conveniently near the election. Immediately following "Just Lose It". Hmm.

In other news, Bush might've been wearing a wire, according to a NASA photo analyst. THis would explain all of last week's Doonesbury. Have a happy Halloween, and vote smart.


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